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Sweetish House Mafia

(aka SHM), the first company to sell fresh, soft baked, American style cookies in India.

What makes the SHM brand fun and special? It’s simple really – our vision to make it an upbeat, dynamic brand since its inception in late 2012. We’ve been their design partners since their days of selling out of a Nano in 2013 upto now, when it’s evolved to a chain of over 15 brick and mortar stores across the country.

With SHM, our creatives have always been fresh, just like the cookies. It assures its loyal customers a fun, ever evolving brand experience; one that keeps the cookie monsters coming back again…and again!

360 branding includes: surface graphics for the SHM Nano, in-store and delivery menus, in-store graphics, both regular and seasonal packaging, website and ongoing social media posts, amongst others.

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